Wednesday, February 4, 2009

time to call it quits... for now

well its been a while since iv posted anything but the beast has slowly been coming right.
after finally figureing out how to get the brakes working again (replace both very rusted front brake cylinders) iv been looking over what is left to do and came up with two big things
1. fix the gears which have slowly been getting more and more crunchy and
2. replace the rear suspention
unfortuneately iv hit a time in my life when the heart is willing but the bank balance isnt, so instead of bricking her up, loosing all motivation to complete her and watching her slowly rot into the landscape i hit upon a novel idea, now i know that im unable to complete her in my present state so instead of just stopping i intend to sell her.
oh no!! how could you! i hear you cry, well dont panic just yet because you havnt heard my cunning plan yet. yes im selling her but only so i can trade up to another mini... namely one without all the costly gear trouble (im sorry but R1000 just to take a look at the box is just too much for me at the moment:( )
and yes i know im taking a massive risk on getting a new mini without knowing whats wrong with it, but now i am at least able to crawl my way through her and find out hopefully before i buy her!
so farewell to one old freind but keep an eye out for the new model coming soon!!

as always drive safely