Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First off the basics

now there are allot of different kinds of mini out there, from the Austin 850cc mark 1 to the 1275cc mini coopers. Now I'm not going to go into all the different makes but a quick search on wikipedea should give you a good idea of just how many there are.

The Beast is a South African produced 1982 mark 3 1275E in Old English White (I know its the original paint because its badly cracked and flaking in places) paint code (711-3925)
(If you're looking for your paint code then try this link (http://www.miniresource.com/paint.php) these are the original British codes so they may not work if you getting your paint from a different source, all the same its nice to know)

She lived a fairly sheltered existence until the last owner got hold of her (University students and minis are usually a bad mix!!) her engine was replaced with another 1275 unit and she ran on that for a bit before being parked in the guys driveway. And there she lay for a few years being used every now and then for the odd shopping trip, unfortunately she was kept outside and as a result has suffered from a little rust in spots here and there but over all shes doing very well considering (quite a tribute to her sturdy construction I'd say)

At this point i met her then owner and arranged to buy her so in June 2008 myself and my father made the short drive up to Petermaritzburg to go and collect her. Unfortunately she was in no state to be driven so we tied her onto the back of the ford ranger and off we went.

The return trip was fairly uneventful and asside from a brief stop to ensure that everything was still attached she arrived in my driveway safe and sound!!

It was at this point that all the real fun began!! but I'll have to keep you in suspense for just a little longer and save that for another post :D

till then stay mini

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