Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Work begins

Ok so I've got my mini, now what...

well this is when i sat down and decided what i wanted to do with her. (this is a good exercise to do before any project you embark on, even if you change your mind later on!)Get her running obviously but aside from that i wanted something different something that told people something about me. So here's what I decided my goal was:

1. I wanted to fix her up on the inside to look as original as possible but with 1 or 2 minor modifications, such as a wood paneled dashboard.

2. I wanted to improve on her safety, this means disk brakes all round and the instillation of a roll cage as well as improving the visibility of the lights and vehicle as a whole

3. Replace the engine with a more powerful one, yeah ok 1275cc is lots of power for a mini, but what can i say... so after a little research i settled on replacing the A-series hulk with a nice little 225hp Honda motor, now this is going to be a tight squeeze as well as cost me the most out of any mod i could do to her so some things here may have to change or get moved around to suit.

4. as much as i like the original old english white paint scheme its gotta go!! the paints old and cracked and i really like some of the new colours going onto cars these days, and seeing as i will be the one looking at her the most (not to mention the one who actually owns her!!) i think a change is in order, i recon a nice bright red would look absolutely stunning on her! how about you

5. now this one comes into the safety/performance category, minis are renowned for their amazing handling and driveability! this said upgrading the suspension with hi lo's (basically a big threaded rod that makes raising and lowering the suspension real easy) as well as adjustable shock absorbers could be fun (hey whoever said you cant improve on perfection)
6. Do all of this while spending as little money as i can, like my ex-boss said i ain't Rockefeller, I'm the other feller!!

so that's my basic plan. now before you get all "hey you said you would do that and you didn't" on me remember this is a first off plan!! not a final set-in-stone-this-is-whats-happening-and-nothing-can-change-it plan!! so if i happen to change my mind about something hey, i changed my mind, it is my car after all isn't it??!!

so if you have any ideas about what might make her even better or think somethings a bad idea please let me know, who knows you may come up with something i haven't even thought of!!

so till the next post stay mini!! :D

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